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Jason Hartman, author, host of The Speed of Money on KABC and Million Dollar Circle Platinum Award Winner, reveals how you can protect your wealth and secure your retirement.

#23 - Stages of Wealth Creation

Jason Hartman says that the beginning stages of wealth building are like a space shuttle take off. You’ve got to stock up on debt—quality, fixed rate,...
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#20 - Makeover Your Portfolio

Many people find themselves in trouble with debt because they’re getting into debt for the wrong reasons—vacations, clothing, cars, and gadgets that a...
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# 18 - Understanding ROI

It is important to first recognize that, when referring to ROI, we’re talking about Return on Inflation. Return on Inflation is not considered in term...
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#16 - Your Public Speaking Career

What profit strategies should you employ for your public speaking career? There are way too many variables to offer a one size fits all answer but her...
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