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Elvis Haunted my Childhood Home

Brian Zenzen our Human Resource guy tells us about how when he was a kid they thought Elvis was haunting their house. Wood has one of the funniest lin...
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That‘s a lot of Haunting

We talk to someone who is having a ton of experiences in their house. Did someone die in there? We play a game of "Win the Interns Lunch" with a 90s s...
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Someone DID Die in your House

We talk to a guy who has a child who he believes is seeing things in their house. Missed connections is just gross. And in the first break of the day ...
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Man Baby Reveals Himself

Man Baby joins us on the show to tell us how it went when he told the girl he was dating that he likes to be treated like a baby. We have our first ro...
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The Big Race

Kelly and Wood have reached the day of the big race. They are both worried about their physical issues. And because the El Jay Brain Drain ate up most...
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Man Baby is Back

One of our favorite friends of the show is back. MAN BABY! He has some things going on in his life that he wants to share with us. Wood thinks Kelly i...
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Kelly and Woods Big Race

Wood thinks he can beat Kelly in a foot race. So they run it by HR to make sure they can even do it. The interns don't know anything about the 90s. Wo...
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