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We're a group of co-workers who gather once a week and play an RPG during our lunch hour to escape the 'daily grind'. Over the coming seasons, we will explore a number of genres and game systems. We post our episodes bi-weekly. This season of Legends of Lunchtime is using the White Wolf/Onyx Path Hunters Hunted II and  Vampire: The Masquerade 20th Anniversary Edition rulesets.

S1E9: Let's Unpack That - S1E9

The 'Diregwood irregulars' have taken out their first fully infected miner but there seems to be more. Shortcuts, chambers, lifts, and hard choices ne...
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Can You Hear What I Hear? - S1E6

The night of the Dirgewood charity event has arrived. Our group gets the VIP treatment, see some magic, and hear Annabelle and Genevieve perform. Will...
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