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Children, Obey Your Parents

Children of all ages should strive to obey their parents. While human parents are never perfect, God works through them for salvation and sanctificati...
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Husbands, Love Your Wives

God commands the husband to love his wife, seeking and serving her needs more than his own. The Lord allows no place for anger or harshness toward the...
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Wives, Be Subject

Christians must submit to one another, and Christian wives especially must submit to their husbands. This inner quality or mindset of submission magni...
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Such Were Some of You

First Corinthians 6-9-11 affirms judgment for the unrighteous while also confirming justification, sanctification, and washing for those who are in Ch...
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Whatever You Do

Life in the Lord Jesus far exceeds anything the world offers. Christians strive to please the Lord in everything they say and do-a desire that comes f...
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The Word of Christ

God's Word teaches and admonishes us, and we need to teach and admonish one another. That Word must have full influence and authority in our lives so ...
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Called in One Body

God has called Christians to Himself and to one another in love and holiness. The outworking of our salvation produces a fellowship that withstands th...
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The Peace of Christ

The peace of Christ must rule in our hearts, otherwise our relationships with God and others will fall apart.
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