Life is Funny

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Welcome to the Life is Funny podcast where we think we are funny and hope that you might too. We love to talk about topics that are important in our lives even though most of the time we are far from experts.

Ep. 143: We are Going to Lose $10

This week, the guys talk about a lot of little things. Evan doesn't understand people who wear glasses, the guys have different movie-watching strateg...
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Ep. 142: Looking For Group

This week, the guys talk about what it's like trying to be a couple of groupies. While they aren't necessarily talking about trying to follow a famous...
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Ep. 141: We Stream EVERYTHING

This week, the guys talk about the strength of their streams. Like most people out there, the guys have some serious streaming going on. What Josh and...
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Ep. 140: Going Clubbing at a YMCA?

This week, the guys talk about Josh's experience of going to a fancy YMCA in Detroit. Well, at least that's how Evan is hearing things. The guys talk ...
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Ep. 139: We’ve Got Personality

This week, the guys show off their marvelous personalities. As promised, Josh and Evan go over their personality types and do their best to break down...
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Ep. 138: Where do Pets Come From?

This week, the guys get back into their groove and put together a stellar podcast (if they do say so themselves...). Josh is surprisingly expecting, a...
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Ep. 137: Mind-FULL-ness

This week, the guys' minds are FULL of good things. But does that make them mindful or mindless? Listen in to hear if they come up with a difference, ...
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Ep. 136: Life is Dumb

This week, the "Life is Funny" podcast is feeling more like the "Life is Dummy" podcast. Evan just isn't feeling the vibe from Josh, and the lack of e...
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Ep. 134: Third Time’s The Charm

This week, the guys FINALLY get an audio recording to work without having any issues. After taking three tries to record the latest episode, they're h...
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