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A Stephen King book review podcast.


Heavy topics:A loner young man who becomes radicalized, you know, for a change“We are doomed to repeat the mistakes of previous generations” is maybe ...
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The Running Man

Heavy topics:We really, really, REALLY hate Ben RichardsWhoooo boy there is so much racism and misogyny hereSex work is just a part of this world and ...
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Different Seasons Part 2

Heavy topics:Get in loser, we’re getting existentially traumatizedDisplacement of griefTHE. LEECHES!Teddy’s anger and his relationship with his dadStu...
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Different Seasons Part 1

Heavy topics:Red is not a sympathetic narrator, he is a barely remorseful murdererThe horror and failure of the American prison systemNazis, the Holoc...
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Heavy topics:Eating disorders, addiction, control, and inertiaEVERYONE in this book is anxious about somethingDonna's maternal transgression is punish...
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The Dead Zone

Heavy topics:Four and a half years in a coma…. No ThanksStephen’s writing about women, based on the intersection of religious fanaticism and motherhoo...
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The Long Walk

Heavy topics: There are SO MANY horrible deaths McVries is a problematic fave to put it lightly Stephen brings race into this AGAIN when will he stop....
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Heavy topics:Stephen does not have a nuanced grasp of how to do Native American representation and we REALLY wish he would stop trying.Charlie's mom g...
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The Stand Part 3

Heavy topics: Measles is fucked up, get vaccinated. Nadine’s rape and the wasted potential of her character Tom Cullen is effectively a new character ...
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