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I love running and this podcast is about running. I chat about different aspects of my training, funny things that have happened and how to get a balanced training schedule while working full time, looking after 3 kids and being married to a vicar.Intro music "Daily Beetle" Kevin MacLeod ( Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0

A World Record Attempt

In this week's episode, Maggie interviews Sarah and Aileen Kearney. They are going to attempt to beat the world record for the mother and daughter com...
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Do you fancy a Paddy Buckley?

There was an interesting challenge this weekend, an attempt on the Paddy Buckley Road. Could Kim Collison beat Matthew Roberts time of 16 hr 37 min to...
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Tart cherries and fast 5kms

Just how many cherries do you have to eat to improve your running? In fact, can cherries even help you run faster or recover more quickly? I look at t...
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Running in shoes with no heels

Have you seen the running shoes from FBR? They don't have a heel. It made me wonder if there was an advantage of not having a heel in terms of the wei...
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Circadian rhythm and running

Does the time of day that you run really affect your performance? What's the best time of day to run? What's the most beautiful parkrun in the country...
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Retro Running

What is retro running and is it something that we should be embracing? We're not talking about putting on your 1970s running kit here but can retro ru...
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Sleep and the athlete

In this week's episode we look at a paper about sleep and the athlete from Br J Sports Med 2020. We discuss the problems that athletes, particularly e...
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