Make It Rain

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Paige Cole is your down to earth, inspiring, motivating and no b******* host. She is a passionate advocate of growth mindset and grit. She believes that limitations are simply a choice.Combined with her NLP, mindset, manifestation and stripper business performance expertise, Paige uncovers how to maximize your hustle inside & outside of the club, manifest mad money, and build a bangin' business. Connect with Paige on social: Instagram: @the.paige.cole Facebook Group: Rainmakers

#137: Permission Granted

In this solo episode Paige gets straight to business and talks about granting permission to go after your goals. You and you alone are the only person...
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#136: Stripper Mamas

In this solo episode Paige talks about stripper mamas! She shares three reasons why its so valuable to learn from someone in the game in order to help...
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#135: Captain Save A Hoe

In this solo episode Paige jams out on the topic of being 'saved' from the strip club. The immense pressure of feeling the need to get out of the club...
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#133: NLP: The Money Maker

In this solo episode Paige talks all things NLP babyyy and how when its used corr3ectly can increase your earning ability. Whether you are a coach, en...
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#131: Honey Bear

In this solo episode Paige talks about the Honey Bear - how they seek the sweet truth of honey from introspection of self and mother nature. She talks...
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Ayahuasca Pt. 2

In this special edition solo episode Paige shares her experience around her third time sitting in an Ayahuasca ceremony! Listen to this episode to hea...
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