One Day At A Time

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I want to make mental health even more visable and I want to be able to dispel some one the more negative thoughts about mental health! This podcast is a run down of my life as I overcome my own mental health issues and become a healthy person.

Long week

So I haven't done as many podcasts as I wanted so far but hopefully I'm back too it! I'm talking about illness, Cats and Magic today :D send me an ema...
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So I had an argument with James today and it made me think about emotions and stuff when in relationships! Send me an email of you have any questions ...
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All about frustration

So I've been so frustrated with my job recently!! So here is my tips for not letting frustration affect you so bad and just generally chatting about b...
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Money money money!

So today I'm talking about money, not having it and plans to make it! Apologies for the poor audio, turns out recording from the car isnt a great idea...
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The first day!

This is my first ever podcast! Eever done anything like it before so I hope it's okay. This is just an intro so it's about me and who I am I hope you ...
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