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We're two dudes who run, working together to help our fellow runners. Join Our Run Club weekly for tips, tricks, laughs and always a good time. Support this podcast: https://anchor.fm/our-run-club/support

Running Gives Me | Part 2

This week is a continuation of a conversation from last week. We put the question out to Our Run Clubbers, listeners, fans and followers: what does ru...
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Running Gives Me

This week we chat all about what running gives us. It has provided a lot for both Ray and Eric in terms of community, friendship, fitness and more. Ch...
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Less Than Ideal Conditions

The other day Razor was heading out for his usual run after work and noticed some Thunderstorms off in the distance. Did he phone it in? No. But he di...
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Liquid Refreshment

We're back, and we're celebrating this week with some brewskis. Non-Alcoholic brewskis to be specific. These days craft brews are all the rage and run...
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Running in the Heat

This past week has been steamy over here in Southern New England and so we thought we'd talk a little bit about running in the heat. This episode is f...
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Busy Runner Pt. Two

We runners love running. But sometimes life gets in the way, whether it's work, kiddos or anything else that pops up, we've got to work out when to ge...
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