Oxford Abridged Short Talks

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Short interesting lectures from top Oxford academics. Includes a series of short lectures about love, held on Valentines Day 2011.

Who did Plato (not) love?

Platonic love? Plato's main text on love, the Symposium, takes a broad look at what love means, offering a serious yet humorous, poignant and flippant...
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Darwin and Friends

Professor Robin Dunbar explores if there is a limit to the number of friends we can keep track of and explains the origin of "Dunbar's Number".
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Blood Disorders and Human Malaria

Professor Sunetra Gupta explains the surprising relationship between blood disorders and malaria in humans. Could two blood disorders ever be better t...
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Slime Moulds to run the railways?

Should we let slime moulds run our railways? Slime moulds can produce networks as efficient, cost-effective and resilient as railway networks designed...
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