Pretty Please: A Beauty Guide for the Inside


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When you love who you are, your natural radiance outshines hair + makeup. As a Nashville stylist, Taylor Nick has learned that true beauty is felt more than seen. Here, she chats with people from all different backgrounds to learn what beauty looks like to them and how we can get it ourselves. Together you’ll learn from country artists, pageant queens, fashion stylists, photographers, roller derby girls, recovery counselors, spiritual leaders and more! Join the conversation to discover how to express the glow you have within, so confidence can overflow to the rest of your life.

Ultimate Beauty Secret

Here, I share the most important thing I've learned about beauty: the ultimate beauty secret. My heart of hearts, the fire in my bones, what everythin...
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3.2 // Healing Humanity

Erin is a dancer, massage therapist, and embodiment coach. She loves the human body from her very core. Here, she presents a revolutionary way of unde...
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2.7 // Loving Others

In this episode, we chat with TODAY in Nashville’s Kelly Sutton! After 17 years of interviewing the who’s who of country music, she shares why she bel...
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2.6 // Meditation

KK Lagan is a Certified Meditation Teacher, and one of my close friends and personal spiritual guides. Today we discuss meditation, how it affects our...
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