Seize The Life with Nick Nyxson

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Hey my name is Nick Nyxson and this is SEIZE THE LIFE, an audio podcast where we talk literally everything that bothers every modern human, life, love, relationships, money, power, feelings and many more. I will teach you everything that I have learnt in life and will try just to make your lives just a little bit easier.

Plan The Path To Success

In this episode we will be planning your path to success, what you need to do, what you need to expect and what you need to avoid. All here. Enjoy ---...
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Your Health Is Essential!

Nick Nyxson Here. In this episode we will be talking about your health and why it is so important for you. --- Send in a voice message: https://anchor...
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You Are Not Good Enough. Are You?!

In this episode we will discuss my favorite BS phrase: “I am not good enough”. We will discuss phrase and discover why this phrase is such a BS. --- S...
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Go For Your Dreams!!!

In this episode we will be talking about very important topic, YOUR DREAMS! What are your dreams? How to go for them? What it takes to reach the dream...
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How To Stay Motivated?!

In This Episode We Will Be Talking About What Is Motivation And What Is Mindset and Which One Will Keep You Going For An Extended Amounts Of Time. ---...
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Why Are You Not Happy?!

In this episode we will be talking all about the happiness. Why you should be happy and actually how to be happy. My Name is Nick Nyxson and I will he...
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Who Are You?

In this episode I will be sharing information about who I am and diving deep into a question of actually who are you as well. --- Send in a voice mess...
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