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We interview entrepreneurs in all different stages of entrepreneurship. Allowing them to take you on their journey of highs and lows, lessons and blessings.

S1 E12 How To Keep the Fire

The hosts of Slight Work has a sits down to talk about how to keep the fire going in your business as an entrepreneur. At times it's easy to forget wh...
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S1 E11 What Pleases God the Most

In this episode you'll get everything that you need to be inspired. Mike Rouse has mastered what the quality of life should look like. If you're looki...
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S1 E8 Dancing into Greatness

On this episode of Slight Work, we sit down with the the talented powerhouse Denzel Phillips. Denzel takes us through his journey as an entrepreneur f...
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S1 E5 What's a Flicker to a Torch

Ever wondered what success looked like? Well stop because it DOES NOT HAVE A FACE! It also doesn't have a certain amount of followers, depending on wh...
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