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Vicky & Lenny return after becoming foster parents to a teenage girl.

7: Action Junkeez Racecar

Vicky & Lenny Pezza return after a 3 year hiatus to announce they’ve just become foster parents to a teenage girl! While The Pezzas are thrilled to re...
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6: Simi Valley Days'd & Confused

Vicky & Lenny attend Simi Valley Days. Mallory & New York Neil are confused, and technical difficulties during a Disneyland Controversy Confrontation ...
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5: California Adventure

My sister Mallory & New York Neil come to California for the first time, and Disneyland is the top priority. Lenny is completely oblivious to a classi...
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4: Back From The Dead

Lenny gives us some insight on how he votes, and insists there’s a politician that I talk about constantly. Some tragic news I was given years ago tur...
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3: And This Tuna

A forced Mother's Day Tribute goes terribly wrong. Lee Syatt and I talk crime shows and podcast mishaps. There's a morally questionable item on Etsy. ...
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2: The Electric Guide

Lenny has news that disrupts my backstory episode. I go On-Location for our highly-anticipated, in-depth exclusive with Gareth Reynolds! Evan Mann lea...
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1: The Pilot

It’s The Pilot! I’m On-Location at The Grove with Fred Stoller. Lee Syatt & I celebrate 420 during the inaugural High Perbole. New York Neil inadverte...
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