Strength For Life

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In the Strength for Life Podcast, we explore topics related to spiritual, mental, and physical health for more grace-filled lives. With this trinity of health in balance we can: come out of hiding to socialize; create joy in our families; and like the person we see in the mirror...all possibly for the first time.

Building Joyful Families

Is it possible to love our families and not feel the joy that should go with that? Have you ever wondered how you can create more joy in your family? ...
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Life's Greatest Medicine

Would you be surprised to learn that having strong relationships in our lives is just as important to our health as eating and sleeping well? Listen t...
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Brendon Collins Interview (e31)

Join us in our interview with Brendon Collins of Strong Tower, a health and fitness studio in Cleveland, OH. Brendon's vision is to build as many happ...
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Progressive Muscle Relaxation

Did you know that holding tension in our body is a learned habit? And that just as we have learned to be tense, we can learn to relax? As a gift to yo...
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Gratitude for a Better Life

You've probably heard the acronym WIIFM. It stands for "What's in it for Me?" Applied to gratitude, your answer is A LOT! If you want a better life fo...
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Gain Control of Your Eating

Have you ever wondered how other people can stay on the straight and narrow with their eating, while you feel like you're heading in more of a zig zag...
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