Tea Time Horrors

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Tea Time Horrors is a podcast that covers all that is murders, myths and paranormal. We are a group of three friends doing this out of our living room for all our listeners who share the same interests as ourselves.

3: I Have A Raging Clue

Season 2, Episode 3. It is the week of True Crime and we cover the disappearance of five children, the Sodder Children. They had gone missing after a ...
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2: You Ain't Got No Legs

Week of the Paranormal! Today Joseph and Sam do a tag team on Fox Hollow Farm and the serial killer that is Herbert Baumeister and the victims that ha...
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1: Chris Is Perfect

Tea Time Horrors is back! After being gone for a year we have returned! Time for another murder as we cover the familicide of The  Watts Family. Enjoy...
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22: Are You Eating That?

Week of the Myth! Sam gets to cover the fairy tale of Little Red Riding Hood! Joseph takes another trip to Japan as he covers the urban legend of Kuch...
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21: You Are Not The Father!

Week of Paranomal takes flight today! Aliens come in for another visit as Joe covers the crazy disappearing of Nome Alaska and Yeli takes a deep dive ...
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20: Let's Get A HANDle On This

Murder Week! Feels like it has been forever. This week we are celebrating life. We are covering the horrible death of Matthew Shepard and trying to ho...
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19: Bloody Mystical Asses

Week of the Myth! As promised, here is your second episode for the week and today, Sam covers the tale of Bloody Mary and Yeli follows with the mythic...
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18: Can I AXE You A Question?

Apologies for the late episode. Life got in the way but we are back with a kick ass Paranormal story! Joe and Sam cover the all time favorite, Lizzie ...
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17: Natural 20!

Week of the Murder! This time, Sam covers another kidnapping, The Kidnapping of Elisabeth Fritzl. This episode is not for the weak of heart, this epis...
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