The Delhi Capitals Podcast - Stories from IPL and Beyond

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Welcome to the Delhi Capitals Podcast! You've seen our stars perform magic in the IPL with bat and ball. The sixes, the wickets, the comebacks, the Super Overs... But what you haven't seen or heard, is how it all comes together and what goes on behind the scenes, way before any of the magic happens on the field. Enter The Delhi Capitals Podcast! We are bringing you closer to your favourites, through engaging conversations and fun anecdotes about their careers, family and so much more. Get Listening! BONUS: Ricky Ponting's Dressing Room speeches have become a talking point among cricket fans for how well he articulates his thoughts after a game and for handing out Change Room's Men of the Match awards to the unsung heroes of the match. Throughout this season, we will bring you bonus clips with recordings of his post-match speeches for your listening pleasure.