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Join long time friends, and recent partners Katy & Keenan as they explore the things that fill them with joy. Each episode of This Much Love! starts with a simple question: "How much do you love _________?", and the resulting conversation is always positively passionate. We'd love to hear what you love, too, so reach out to us on Twitter @thismuchlove - our DMs are open!

I Sended It

Katy asks Keenan: "How much do you love bouldering?"--LoganHellboy 2019Internal monologue vs. abstract imagesSleep With Me Podcastgkeenan.coBig Mouth ...
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Another Strong Feeling

Katy and Keenan get deep about hopes and fears in 2020. --Five Night's at Freddy'sYouTubeTwitchThe Lumineers The Dropkick MurphysMumford & SonsOf Mons...
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We Didn’t Get Here by Accident

Keenan asks Katy "How much do you love Financial Planning?" --Synecdoche, New YorkThe Truman ShowEDtvMatthew McConaugheyVolcano Dante's PeakMars Attac...
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Definity Edition

Katy asks Keenan "How much do you love Divinity: Original Sin II, Definitive Edition?"--Keenan's excitement for winter has already waned. It's not eve...
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Owning My Geek

Keenan asks Katy, "How much do you love Dungeons & Dragons?" -- The first Target store was opened in Roseville, Minnesota in 1962. Here's "Yes Jesus L...
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I Dance Better

Katy asks Keenan, "How much do you love the Soulsborne games?" -- Duolingo The Sound of Music Solfege Why There's A Language Learning Gap In The Unite...
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Bread and Baja Blast Lines

Keenan asks Katy, "How much do you love Tom Cruise running?" -- Show notes forthcoming, but it's mostly Tom Cruise movies! -- Your hosts: Katy Harth a...
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The Unexpected Ball Episode

We unexpectedly switched up the format this week when Katy decided to ask Keenan how his balls are doing. What resulted was a surprisingly upbeat and ...
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Chonky Bois!

Keenan asks Katy, "How much do you love hippos?" -- Kohler, WI Endgame How do relate human? Beep boop. John Wick movies iPad 2/Retina HDR SD 1080p ROI...
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It's Just Bolognese!

Katy asks Keenan, "How much do you love The Cornetto Trilogy?" -- Tuck Everlasting Bicentennial Man Twitter Tom Segura Kohler, WI Marvel Cinematic Uni...
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