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Welcome to my podcast! I’m Tiffany Peterson, your host, and a speaker, coach, and life lover. A lot can happen with a simple spark. Sometimes that’s an idea, a creative insight, maybe a new relationship, or a relationship renewed. Or perhaps that mindset shift that changes the game for you. If you're like me, you love to learn, grow, and implement true key success principles to help you take your life and business to the next level. So from life coaching to business growth, with a whole lot of soul in between, I’m thrilled that you’re here, and I’m excited to share these conversations with you.

Self Care IS Spiritual

“When you feel better, do you show up better?” What it means to be a good human (3:33) How to navigate your personal beliefs around self-care (5:15) W...
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Own the Room with James Malinchak

“Stop networking and start relationship working.”   How to get a job you aren’t the most qualified for (3:30) How to expand your influence in any audi...
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Your Harvest is Coming

“Make the offering again and again and again.”   Why your harvest cannot be prevented (4:15) The reason that circumstances don’t determine success (10...
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Owning Your Voice with Sean Whalen

“I care that my children watched me live my life all in and they’re inspired to do the same.” Sean’s personal journey of navigating through a midlife ...
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Create the New

“Don’t judge the day by the harvest you reap. Judge the day by the seeds you plant.” - Robert Stevenson   A proactive versus reactive mindset around c...
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Vision: Where Are You Going?

“With clear vision, then often comes clear pathways.” Where are you going? (5:45) Why do you want to get there? (12:40) What’s my next right step? (13...
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57. Your Mindset Creates Your Mood

“Where your mind lives, your life follows.” How to get out of a funk (3:26) 5 ways to curate your own mindset (9:36)   Links mentioned in this episode...
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