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I grew up being told that going to a good college and working your way up the corporate ladder was the only way to be successful. Well... I tried that. After graduating from college, I applied to over 100 jobs in NYC and never even heard a single response. In spite, I intentionally put my back against the wall, moved 10 hours from home with credit card debt and no money in the bank to build a business online. Now I learn, implement and share all of the best strategies used in internet sales funnels right on this podcast. This show is for entrepreneurs and business owners who want the inside scoop on what all stars in this game are really doing. We uncover the real talk behind the scenes of the world’s best Internet sales funnels and the people who created them, so that you can start or explode your online business using the same strategies. Listen as we reveal the truth behind why some people catapult with success, and why others are left in the dust.

WTF 25: Five 2 Comma Club Awards

In part 1 of this 2 part interview, Stephen Somers of Marketplace Superheroes tells us how he began his high 7-figure empire.Native to Ireland, he stu...
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WTF 24: Leveling Up...

Have you ever heard someone say, "I wouldn't have even recognized myself a year ago today?" Or something like "I never would've even imagined myself b...
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WTF 21: Value Ladder Ascension

Value ladder ascension doesn't have to be that complex. There's a few very easy ways that you can ascend the right people up your value ladder with li...
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