Why Food?

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Do you daydream about dropping everything and opening a restaurant, or starting your own brand of condiments? So many trailblazers in the food world actually started their careers in entirely different fields. How did these folks decide to hit the brakes, start over, and become inspiring chefs, entrepreneurs, farmers and activists they are today? Hear their stories and learn how you too can fulfill your food dreams. New episodes available every Thursday. If you made a leap of faith to work in the food industry and want to share your story, please get in touch at why food@heritageradionetwork.org.

Abena Foli: POKS Spices

Join us for a conversation with Abena Foli, who is the founder and co-owner of POKS Spices. Abena was born and raised in Ghana, West Africa, where she...
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Ariana Tolka: Balkan Bites

Join us for a conversation with Ariana Tolka, CEO and co-founder of Balkan Bites. They specialize in comfort foods such as burek, a flaky, stuffed phy...
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Samah Dada: Dada Eats

Join us for a conversation with Samah Dada! Samah is a New York City-based recipe developer, food photographer, and blogger behind Dada Eats. Drawing ...
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Preeti Mistry: Activist Chef

Join us for a conversation with Preeti Mistry, acclaimed chef, author and speaker and two time-nominatee by the James Beard Foundation for Best Chef o...
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Hetty McKinnon: To Asia with Love

Join us for a conversation with Hetty McKinnon, author of the new cookbook, To Asia with Love. Hetty is is a Chinese-Australian cook and food writer, ...
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