Why Weight?


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A podcast about my journey with Weight, Body Image, Health, Movement, Self-Esteem, and how to enjoy the body you're in, while actively working to change it.

The End of Season One

Thanks for listening and your support!  I am working on season 2, and I have some great things coming your way.   Join me on Pateron www.patreon.com/w...
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Third Chakra: Desire to Action

Do you feel challenged bringing your desires into action?  Is it hard for you to assert your needs, and to create the life that you want?  Do you ofte...
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Root Chakra Energies

Do you feel stagnant, stuck, anxious?  Do you have trouble feeling free to move around in the world, and to share your vulnerability with others? This...
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Weight and The Chakra System

Are you familiar with the chakra system?  Do you seem to carry your weight in specific places around your body?  Is it harder for you to lose weight i...
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What do you do when confronted with an unavoidable experience about your own weight?   Those moments when shame or humiliation about your size or body...
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