Your Life Matters

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A motivational podcast that provides a hope and a dream that fuels your soul to dream big and dream boldly. You are made for more.

Just A Test

Josh Powers here, producer of Your Life Matters. Apologize for any platform confusion lately, as we've been trying to find the best solution for an on...
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The Never Give Up Muscle

Friends let's do this together! We talked about relentlessness now it's time to learn how to tap into your never give up muscle. --- This episode is s...
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Develop Relentlessness

"Mariah how do you constantly go even in the hard?" Here is how friends! Let's develop that together. --- This episode is sponsored by · Anchor: The e...
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Stop Standing on the Sidelines

Friends are you finding yourself on the sideline, bench, or even outside the arena of your dreams? Since when are you not worthy of the best life poss...
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