9 Best Podcast Recording Softwares

9 Best Podcast Recording Softwares

Have you ever heard a podcast where the content is great but the audio quality is meh. Bad audio quality is a huge deal breaker. Your content can be great, mind-blowing, out of this world, but with bad quality audio, say goodbye to capturing your listeners’ hearts. But, this can be solved with a great podcast recording software. We’ve got nine podcast recording softwares in the bag for you! Whether you’re a solo or an interview podcast, we have software for you. So let’s dive in.

9 Best Podcast Recording Softwares

Hindenburg PRO

Cost: Paid

Compatibility: Mac OS and Windows

Download Required: Yes

For podcasters seeking a streamlined workflow and professional results, Hindenburg PRO steps into the spotlight. This premium audio editing software isn’t just another editing tool; it’s a comprehensive powerhouse designed specifically for the spoken word.

Hindenburg PRO is designed for the professional storyteller. It has all the tools a radio producer or a podcaster needs to tell compelling stories with elaborate soundscapes while allowing you to work efficiently and meet your deadlines. Most storytellers have little knowledge about audio engineering, but with Hindenburg PRO, it’s like having an expert right by your side. This isn’t a “black box” AI solution where you input something and get something out; it’s an intuitive tool that guides you while leaving room for your creative freedom.

Hindenburg PRO offers a suite of features that are perfect for crafting engaging audio content:

  • Comprehensive Audio Editing: Edit your podcast with precision, utilizing tools tailored for spoken-word audio.
  • Transcription Integration: No more tedious hours spent manually transcribing interviews. Hindenburg PRO transcribes your audio as you work, and you can even edit your audio directly from the transcription.
  • Export Options: Easily export transcriptions as .txt, .vtt, or .srt files, allowing you to optimize your podcast for search engines and create subtitles for YouTube clips.

Hindenburg PRO is more than just software; it’s an investment in streamlining your workflow and elevating your podcast’s production value. Its focus on professional output and storytelling empowers you to create podcasts that captivate your audience.

By choosing Hindenburg PRO, you’re not just getting an editing tool; you’re equipping yourself with a professional-grade solution designed to make your storytelling as impactful and polished as possible. Whether you’re an experienced radio producer or a passionate podcaster, Hindenburg PRO offers the features and support you need to produce outstanding audio content.

Hubhopper Recorder and Editor

Cost – Free

Compatibility- Mac OS, Windows, and Android

Needs to be downloaded – No

Hubhopper offers a free and user-friendly recording and editing suite built specifically for podcasters. Hubhopper prioritizes ease of use. The interface is intuitive and beginner-friendly, making it a great choice for those new to podcast creation.

Hubhopper goes beyond desktop recording! With our Android app, you can record your podcast episodes on the go, offering great flexibility for busy creators.

Once you’ve recorded and edited your masterpiece, Hubhopper allows you to publish your podcast directly to your chosen platform. This eliminates the need for additional uploading steps, streamlining your workflow.

Hubhopper is an excellent choice for podcasters who are just starting out or who prioritize a user-friendly experience. The combination of a simple interface, mobile recording option, and direct publishing makes Hubhopper a convenient all-in-one solution.


Cost – Free

Compatibility – Mac OS and Windows

Needs to be downloaded – Yes

For podcasters on a budget, Audacity stands out as a free and powerful podcast recording software. It boasts a wide range of editing features, allowing you to precisely cut, trim, and mix audio. You can also remove background noise, adjust volume levels, and add effects for a professional touch. If you plan on conducting interviews or using separate audio tracks, Audacity’s multitrack recording is a game-changer. With its open-source nature, you’ll find a wealth of free tutorials and online resources to help you get started.

While Audacity offers impressive functionality, its interface might seem complex for beginners. The abundance of features can be overwhelming at first. Don’t worry though! There are numerous beginner-friendly tutorials on YouTube to guide you through the basics of podcast recording and editing with Audacity.

If you’re comfortable with a little initial learning and prioritize powerful editing tools for free, then Audacity is an excellent choice. It offers complete control over your audio, making it a fantastic option for many podcasters. However, if a user-friendly interface is your top concern, the next software on your list might be a better fit.


Cost – Free and Paid

Compatibility – Mac OS, Windows, and Android

Needs to downloaded – No

Live streaming your video podcast can be a fantastic way to expand your audience reach. It lets you record your podcast as well as interact with your audience at the same time. If you’re thinking of live streaming your video podcast to multiple channels at once, Restream is the way to go. Restream empowers you to do just that, with a user-friendly platform.

Restream removes the hassle of managing multiple live streams simultaneously. Their free plan allows you to stream to two different platforms at once, and paid plans offer even more options. This lets you reach your audience on their preferred platforms, maximizing your podcast’s visibility.

No downloads required! Restream operates directly within your web browser, making it incredibly convenient to access and use.

Restream offers a free plan to get you started, allowing you to test the multistreaming functionality. If you need to stream to more channels, their paid plans cater to your needs.

If you’re looking to record and live stream your video podcast and expand your audience reach, Restream is an excellent solution. The free plan offers a great starting point, and the browser-based platform eliminates download hassles.

It’s important to note that Restream is primarily designed for video content. While you can potentially use it for live audio podcasts, other software might be better suited for audio-only recording and editing.


Cost – Paid

Compatibility – MacOS and Windows

Needs to be downloaded – No

For podcasters who value a user-friendly experience and are comfortable with a paid service, Alitu offers a compelling podcast recording software where you can edit as well. Unlike some free software options, Alitu operates entirely within your web browser, eliminating the need for downloads. This browser-based approach makes it incredibly convenient to access and use from any computer to record and edit your podcast.

One of the key features that set Alitu apart is its AI-powered audio cleanup. This is a game-changer for creators who lack access to professional recording studios and might battle with background noise. The AI can significantly improve the audio quality of your recordings, resulting in a more polished and professional-sounding podcast.

Overall, Alitu prioritizes convenience and ease of use. It’s a paid service, but the user-friendly interface, browser-based accessibility, and powerful AI audio cleaning features make it a valuable option for many podcasters.

Adobe Audition

Cost – Paid

Compatibility – Mac OS and Windows

Needs to be downloaded – No

For podcasters seeking the industry standard in podcast recording software and editing software, Adobe Audition stands out as a powerful and comprehensive solution. While it comes with a paid subscription, Audition offers a wealth of features to elevate your podcast’s sound quality and overall production value.

First and foremost, Audition excels at capturing pristine audio. Whether you’re using a high-end microphone or a more basic setup, Audition’s recording tools ensure crystal-clear sound. This meticulous recording quality forms the foundation for a professional-sounding podcast.

Beyond recording, Audition empowers you to edit your audio to perfection. It boasts a vast array of editing tools, allowing you to remove unwanted noise, adjust volume levels, and seamlessly integrate music and sound effects. This level of control lets you refine your podcast’s audio and create a truly engaging listening experience.


Cost – Free and Paid

Compatibility – Mac OS, Windows, and Android

Needs to be downloaded – No

SquadCast understands the fear of losing precious podcast recordings due to technical glitches. It records your audio and video progressively meaning it saves it on cloud in a short duration of time so even if you face technical difficulty you don’t have to worry about losing your recording. SquadCast offers incredible peace of mind, allowing you to focus on creating your podcast without the constant worry of technical setbacks.

Beyond the safety net of progressive recording, SquadCast prioritizes top-notch audio and video quality. They utilize advanced recording techniques to capture clear, crisp audio and high-definition video, ensuring a professional polish for your podcast. The platform itself boasts a feature-rich environment designed to streamline your workflow. This includes built-in video conferencing capabilities, local recording backups for extra security, and easy download options for your edited content.


Cost – Free and Paid

Compatibility – Mac OS and Windows

Needs to be downloaded – No

For podcasters seeking a user-friendly solution that delivers studio-quality results, Iris offers a compelling option. Iris prioritizes capturing the clearest possible audio for your podcast. It achieves this by recording locally on your device, eliminating potential issues that can arise with internet-based recording. This local recording approach ensures your audio remains uncompressed and free from artifacts, resulting in a crisp and professional sound.

If you’re looking to create a video podcast, Iris goes beyond just great audio. It utilizes advanced recording techniques to capture high-definition video without pixelation, even for remote recordings. This allows you to deliver a polished visual experience alongside your podcast’s exceptional audio quality.

Similar to SquadCast, Iris understands the fear of losing recordings. It employs progressive backup technology, which automatically saves your recording in short chunks throughout the process. This means that even if you encounter technical difficulties, your precious podcast content remains safe and secure in the cloud. With Iris, you can focus on creating your podcast without the worry of losing valuable recordings.


Cost – Free

Compatibility – Mac OS and Windows

Needs to be downloaded – Yes

While Zoom might be synonymous with video conferencing, it can also be a surprisingly handy tool for and can be used as a podcast recording software.

Zoom’s popularity as a video conferencing platform translates to a major advantage – everyone knows how to use it! This eliminates the hurdle of teaching your guests or co-hosts how to navigate a new software, saving you time and frustration. They’ll likely already be familiar with the interface, making it easy to jump right into recording your podcast.

For podcasters on a budget, Zoom’s free plan offers a basic recording solution. While you can’t edit the audio within Zoom itself, it allows you to capture your conversation with ease. This can be a great option for getting started or for those who plan to edit the audio in a separate program.

However, it’s important to note that Zoom’s free plan limits recordings to 40 minutes for group meetings. Be sure to factor in this limitation if you typically conduct longer podcast episodes.

Overall, Zoom offers a familiar and accessible solution for basic podcast recording, particularly if you’re just starting out or have budget constraints. While it lacks editing features, its ease of use and clear audio capture make it a viable option for many podcasters, especially those comfortable editing in separate software.


There you have it, we’ve given you some great podcast recording software options that you can explore and learn more about. All of these serve the purpose to record top-notch quality audio without an audio studio. 

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