Switch/Migrate Your Podcast from Anchor to Hubhopper Studio

Migrating your podcast to Hubhopper studio is a seamless process. Once the migration process is completed, your listeners won’t even know the switch had ever happened. Here are three simple basic steps to go about migrating your podcast:-

Step 1:
Sign up at Hubhopper studio and choose the option to ‘migrate existing podcast’

Step 2:
Add Existing RSS feed to start transfer of data. This includes your podcast episodes, details & cover arts. Once the transfer is completed, generate your new Hubhopper RSS feed

Step 3:
Take the new RSS feed and request a redirect from your previous hosting platform. Every hosting platform has their own process of re-direct. While some may have it included into their product interface, others include contacting the support team.

Here is how you can request a redirect from Anchor:-

– Firstly, go to your Anchor dashboard and export & save your analytics
– Click on the top right corner on your dashboard & choose ‘settings’
– Go to ‘distribution’ and scroll to the bottom of the page
– Add New Hubhopper RSS feed to complete redirect request

A redirect will connect your old RSS feed with your new RSS feed. All changes & updates made on your podcast on your now new hosting platform will reflect across your podcast previous and current distribution network. You can also continue expanding your podcast distribution across the Hubhopper distribution network.

We recommend not deactivating your previous hosting platform for at least the initial 3-4 weeks after migration.

Note; your podcast data analytics that will reflect on your Hubhopper studio dashboard will represent data from the day the redirect process was completed and will not showcase past data.

If you had previously claimed your podcast on Spotify in the past, simply login to your account and update the RSS feed field with your new RSS feed. This will prevent duplication of podcast in Spotify.

If you had previously distributed your podcast to Apple podcast, simply login to your account and update the RSS feed field with your new RSS feed.

Why Hubhopper studio?

Hubhopper studio is a holistic podcast platform with free hosting, creation & distribution. It has one of the largest podcast distribution network, getting podcasts across both regional & global platforms. Ensuring your podcast reaches the right audiences. With its line of amazing podcast products & services and along with its active podcasters community; Hubhopper facilitates an ecosystem for podcasters to grow.

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