Roshan Shetty’s Full Power Show

Everybody loves a good story; especially when the story spreads hope, cheer and positivity. This year began with a pandemic engulfing the world! It locked us up at home and left us wondering, ‘Kab khatam hoga yeh lockdown? But it’s good to know that during these trying times, there are some good samaritans out there who are striving every day to help the needy. These people are not doctors, nurses, policemen or delivery guys, who are entrusted with responsibilities. These are people, who out of the sheer beauty of their hearts, want to lend a helping hand to the destitute.

To celebrate these good Samaritans, RJ Roshan, a prominent radio personality, initiated a podcast called Roshan Shetty’s Full Power Show feat. Kaam Janta. He believes in staying ‘Full Power’ all the time. These lockdown warriors inspired him so much so that he began jotting down these full power news stories in his diary, for future reading. And in each episode, Roshan narrates a few happy, positive, healing stories and puts the spotlight on all those selfless people whom he calls ‘Kaam Janta’.

“Some people help themselves, and some people find utmost pleasure in helping the needy. Lockdown mein jo selflessly doosron ke madad karte hain, un logon ko main bulata hoon Kaam Janta. I started my journey as a podcaster because I knew that I had to put the spotlight on these full power people”, says RJ Roshan.

Roshan Shetty’s podcast is like a ray of sunshine on a gloomy day! His stories are all heart, yet they inspire! And each Kaam Janta that he features is an epitome of altruism. Begin your day with an episode of Roshan Shetty’s Full Power Show, get motivated and make a start! “Lockdown se koi khush toh nahi hai, par aapko udaas bhi nahi hona hai. Look at it as an opportunity! This is the time that you were asking for – to reinvent yourself! Desh pe lockdown hai, dil pe nahi! So do what your heart desires,” adds RJ Roshan.

Only 5 episodes old, this podcast is garnering great response! Listen to these heartwarming stories right here and stay ‘Full Power’!

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