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Best Emotional Podcasts that Will Make You Cry

Here are some best podcasts that will really make you emotional:

Nancy podcast


This podcast will make you laugh, cry, and be thoroughly intrigued as they dive into various topics. It has lots of episodes that will surely touch your heart and inspire you. The hosts are very down to earth, quick-witted and informative. The topics are broad and interesting. They play off each other like close dear friends. Such fun, sad, joyful, interesting, and relatable stories. If you’re queer, questioning, or want to know more about LGBT people please listen to this podcast!

reply all

2.Reply All

Reply All is funny and entertaining, and it contains super-interesting stories that cover a variety of obscure topics. The hosts keep things lively and fresh. The hosts are too funny and ask all the best questions to guests they have on. It is a really amazing mirror helping us to understand ourselves. Listen Now

strangers podcast


This show is heartwarming, honest and so touching. Lea is intelligent and thoughtful, the stories are always in-depth and life-affirming. Lea Thau has a true gift for storytelling and finding fascinating subjects to tell stories about. The stranger’s portion of the show is awesome – a hearing narrative from different people, and different walks. Strangers podcast gives you raw, beautiful insight into real-life stories and people, different and interesting every single time. Creative and increasingly delightful. Listen to the podcast

revisionist history

4.Revisionist History

This podcast is highly perceptive, well researched, and masterful. Gladwell’s selection of discussion topics is part idiosyncratic and reflective. Malcolm Gladwell delves deeply into long-forgotten history, to remind us of some really important and interesting lessons. This is a wonderful podcast that is incredibly well researched, produced, and delivered. Listen Now

everything is live

5.Everything is Alive

Everything is Alive from Radiotopia is a series of improved conversations with various inanimate objects. It’s adorable and absurd, often profound, and sometimes sad. Listen to the podcast

family ghost

6.Family Ghosts

This is a really amazing podcast. inspiring, creative, and something that I believe can touch the hearts of anybody. Everyone has a family secret and this is a wonderful show about people discovering the truth about shadows that lurk in their families. Some stories endearing, some shocking, all of them fascinating. Kudos to the people who share their family secrets and legends. Listen Now



Griefcast can make you laugh, cry and reflect on your journey with grief. Cariad does a splendid job at capturing the various components that accompany grief while also being brutally honest about how we handle the worst times of our lives with humour. Cariad is comedians sitting down and talking about their personal experiences with death and grief and it has so very many shades to it. Listen now

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