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Hubhopper’s Online Podcasters Community

We at Hubhopper are always working towards supporting the podcasting community by building a collaborative ecosystem for podcasters to grow.


You can now converse, discuss and collaborate with other podcasters on the Hubhopper online community channels. Open discussions, share your queries, and have other podcasters share their inputs & insights. Collaboration is key towards growing as a podcaster and as an industry. Sharing ideas & collaborating with other podcasters is now just a click away. Join in on the conversations!


Online Podcaster Community Channels

Facebook Group – Podcasters of India

Join our Facebook group where over 700+ Indian podcasters are constantly in discussions and sharing insights about their podcast. Send a request to join in and the group admin will review your profile before accepting your request. A great space to collaborate with other podcasters.


Hubhopper Online Community forum

Join an online forum full of podcasters, find & share valuable insights about podcasting as a profession. Whether you are a novice or a professional podcaster, there are plenty of discussions that can be of some value. You too can start a fresh discussions in the forum! There are no spammers in the forum, all users are verified by the admin before being added to the community.


Simply sign up & create an account for yourself on the community forum. Earn badges as you prove yourself to be a source of mentorship or interesting ideas for the community.


WhatsApp Podcasters Group

Join our WhatsApp group where you will find podcasting experts to budding podcasters in constant discussions and sharing valuable insights. The group is very active and is always ready to help a fellow podcaster. Join in and introduce yourself & your podcast.


To Join the WhatsApp group, you must have a podcast hosted & published on Hubhopper studio. Once your podcast is published live, in a few days you will receive an email with an invite to join our WhatsApp group. More discussions and less memes on our group channel.

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