200 Podcast Name Ideas + The Ultimate Guide To Podcast Names (2024)

Unlocking Creativity: 200 Podcast Name Ideas & The Ultimate Naming Guide

A podcast name is crucial! It’s one of the first things your future super fans will see, the one you’ll tell all your friends about, and the one your sponsors would ask. It should pack a bang, right? In this blog we not only have 200 podcast name ideas (click here to jump to that section directly)., but we also have a process you can follow to come up with your own name.

So, let’s jump into the blog!

How To Name Your Podcast – The Ultimate Guide 

Keep it simple

The urge to keep it fancy schmancy to set you apart from the crowd is high, but it’s not the best route forward. Why? Because humans are simple. They see something complex for the first time and their brain checks out. So, when you’re thinking of a name, use simple words.

Think of your audience

But being simple doesn’t mean you have to use overused and boring words (cue the yawns). Go for a name that your audience can instantly recognise. For example, if you have a football podcast, using football terminology is an easy (might we say a hack) to catch their attention. Using words that resonate deeply and instantly with your audience is a sure shot way of finding your right audience. Since you know about your podcast topic and the people who love this topic, you’d typically have a bunch of ideas right now!

Make it relevant to your niche

Another good advice when naming a podcast is keeping it relevant to your niche. This is a no-brainer but many still fumble. Sometimes your niche is part of another niche (think horror podcasts under the vast umbrella of fiction podcasts). Thus, a generic one that only caters to your generic niche won’t do much good. Instead stick closely to your specific sub-niche and try to find a relevant name for your podcast. It will help you attract a smaller pool but quality listeners and that’s what we want.

Optimize for search

Your podcast name needs to be searchable. Whichever niche you choose, use a keyword tool (Google Keyword Planner is free), and try to search keywords that are within your sub-niche. See how many people are searching for the keyword (often called the Keyword Search Volume). If many people are searching for it, that means many people want to know more about it. Adding that keyword in your podcast name would help you appear in searches and get you traffic for practically FREE.

Mix a bit of your personality

After you’ve considered every external factor, it’s time to infuse your personality. It is YOUR podcast at the end of the day. Your podcast name is the first impression of not just your podcast but by extension yours too! It has to reflect you else it can cause a discrepancy for your listeners. So when you’re brainstorming names, make sure that it resonates with you and your like it.

A Sprinkle of puns and wordplay (but don’t overdo it because we have to keep it simple)

Puns and wordplay in the podcasting world sets you apart from the rest. Many podcasts do have puns and wordplay (think Freakanomics). If you can include some puns and wordplay, it will create intrigue and will catch your audience’s eyes (and later their ears). But, beware, in order to make your podcast name unique with puns and wordplay don’t overcomplicate it and make people go – “ what is this podcast even about – proceed to swipe ahead”. Remember to keep it simple enough to make your target audience click. You can choose not to add puns and wordplay, it’s not necessary.

Speak it out loud (does it have a nice ring to it?)

Once you have a few names that you like and follow the tips above, say it loud. I am serious, say it out loud and see if it has a nice ring to it. If it is too wordy or clunky, maybe it is not the right fit. The best type of marketing is word of mouth, so make your name roll off the tongue easier so your loyal listeners can spread the word about your podcast.

Check if it is unique

By now you should have some winners (yay). Now it is time to check if the names you’ve selected are unique or not. There are 3.2 million podcasts in the world as of February 2024. There is bound to be a podcaster who came up with the same ideas as you. Having the same podcast name as someone else is not necessarily a bad thing, it won’t cause you any issues with the platforms you’ll distribute on. But, it might cause some of your listeners confusion.

So, it is best to check on major platforms like Spotify, Apple Podcasts, and Google Podcasts whether the podcast name exists yet or not. It is great if even one name of yours doesn’t. Then that’s the natural winner, if none of your names are unique, you may need to make some hard calls. Will you go through the process again? Or choose a podcast name from your list.

Things to keep in mind

  1. Don’t procrastinate on creating your podcast just because you can’t find THE name for your podcast. Most hosting platforms let you change the name of your podcast after you’ve created it. For example, when you create a podcast on Hubhopper, you can make your podcast live and still change the name of your podcast. Don’t let the name be the cause of your procrastination.
  2. If you can’t follow all the tips above, it is a-okay. The tips above are just guidelines, you can choose to pick some and leave some. 
  3. Don’t overthink it. A podcast name is crucial, but you know what’s even more important? Your episodes! Focus some of your energy in finding a name for your podcast, and use the rest to create killer podcasts that make your audience go – “Wow, this is such a great podcast, it’s illegal that it’s available publically.”
  4. Don’t make your name too long, keep it short and crisp. Ideally the name should be under 4 words.

Podcast Name Ideas List

Good Podcast Names

  1. “Conversations Unplugged”
  2. “Beyond the Mic”
  3. “The Power Hour”
  4. “Echoes of Insight”
  5. “Infinite Perspectives”
  6. “The Essence Exchange”
  7. “Ripple Effect Radio”
  8. “Mind Matters”
  9. “Spark of Connection”
  10. “Radiant Revelations”
  11. “Spectrum Stories”
  12. “The Tapestry Talks”
  13. “Journey Junction”
  14. “Vibrant Voices”
  15. “Unity Unleashed”
  16. “Soulful Symphonies”

Cool Podcast Names

  1. “Chillwave Chronicles”
  2. “Retro Rendezvous”
  3. “Neon Nostalgia”
  4. “Synthwave Sessions”
  5. “Pixelated Perspectives”
  6. “Virtual Voyage”
  7. “Techtonic Talks”
  8. “Digital Dialogues”
  9. “Geek Guru Gathering”
  10. “Futuristic Frontiers”
  11. “Cyber City Chatter”
  12. “Code & Coffee”
  13. “Byte-sized Banter”
  14. “Gamer’s Gauntlet”
  15. “Tech Tribe Tales”
  16. “Cosmic Connections”

Catchy Podcast Names

  1. “Whispering Waves”
  2. “Mystic Musings”
  3. “Sonic Serenade”
  4. “Harmony Haven”
  5. “Radiant Rhythms”
  6. “Melodic Memoirs”
  7. “Tune In Time”
  8. “Vibe Vault”
  9. “Echo Chamber Chronicles”
  10. “Groove Gazette”
  11. “Rhythm Realm”
  12. “Soulful Soundscapes”
  13. “Beat Boulevard”
  14. “Lyrical Lounge”
  15. “Audio Oasis”
  16. “Serendipity Soundtrack”

Unique Podcast Names

  1. “Whimsy Whisperings”
  2. “Enigma Echoes”
  3. “Quirky Quests”
  4. “Whispering Willow”
  5. “Ethereal Encounters”
  6. “Journey Jukebox”
  7. “Whispering Wonders”
  8. “Curiosity Chronicles”
  9. “Whispered Wanderlust”
  10. “Mystic Mosaic”
  11. “Enchanted Echoes”
  12. “Whispered Whimsies”
  13. “Phantom Phrases”
  14. “Mystical Murmurs”
  15. “Enchanted Escapades”
  16. “Echoing Enigmas”

Cute Podcast Names

  1. “Paws & Playtime”
  2. “Snuggle Stories”
  3. “Fluffy Friends Fiesta”
  4. “Whisker Whispers”
  5. “Cuddle Chronicles”
  6. “Charmingly Chirpy”
  7. “Giggles & Grins Galore”
  8. “Sunshine Smiles”
  9. “Sweetheart Serenade”
  10. “Cozy Corner Confessions”
  11. “Cotton Candy Conversations”
  12. “Fluttery Tales”
  13. “Bubbly Banter”
  14. “Petal Patter”
  15. “Kawaii Corner”
  16. “Fuzzy Feel-Goods”

Clever Podcast Names

  1. “Mind Matters Musings”
  2. “Wit & Wisdom Waves”
  3. “Brainwave Banter”
  4. “Puzzle Piece Perspectives”
  5. “Thoughtful Threads”
  6. “Intellect Intersections”
  7. “Clever Conversations Corner”
  8. “The Smart Spin”
  9. “Insight Inklings”
  10. “Brainy Banter Box”
  11. “The Sharp Edge”
  12. “Brainstorm Boulevard”
  13. “Savvy Synapses”
  14. “Logic Labyrinth”
  15. “Bright Idea Boulevard”
  16. “Cognitive Crossroads”

These names play with language and ideas, perfect for podcasts that aim to engage listeners’ intellects and provoke thought.

Funny Podcast Name Ideas

  1. “Laugh Lab”
  2. “Comedy Cabana”
  3. “Guffaw Galore”
  4. “Chuckling Chronicles”
  5. “Snicker Squad”
  6. “Joke Junction”
  7. “Giggles & Gags”
  8. “Hilarity Highway”
  9. “Pun Patrol”
  10. “The Ha-Ha Hub”
  11. “Chuckle Chat”
  12. “Quip Quest”
  13. “Funny Bone Frenzy”
  14. “Wisecrack Whispers”
  15. “Humor Haven”
  16. “Tickle Talk”

These names are sure to bring a smile to listeners’ faces and set the tone for a lighthearted and amusing podcast!

Business Podcast Names

  1. “Profit Pulse”
  2. “Market Matters”
  3. “Biz Buzz”
  4. “Success Stories Unveiled”
  5. “Entrepreneurial Edge”
  6. “Startup Spark”
  7. “Revenue Riff”
  8. “Corporate Chronicles”
  9. “The Bottom Line Beat”
  10. “Commerce Chronicles”
  11. “Venture Vibes”
  12. “ROI Rendezvous”
  13. “Boss Babble”
  14. “Innovation Insights”
  15. “Capital Chats”
  16. “The Business Blueprint”

These names aim to be both relevant to the business niche and engaging for your target audience, while also considering search optimization and uniqueness.

History Podcast Name Ideas

  1. “Time Traveler’s Tales”
  2. “Past Perspectives”
  3. “Historical Highlights”
  4. “Chronicle Chronicles”
  5. “Legacy Lessons”
  6. “Ancestral Adventures”
  7. “Bygone Stories Unraveled”
  8. “Yesterday’s Yarns”
  9. “Heritage Hues”
  10. “Ancient Echoes Exposed”
  11. “Timeless Tales”
  12. “History Happenings”
  13. “Nostalgia Narratives”
  14. “Era Emissaries”
  15. “The History Hub”
  16. “Tales from the Timeline”

These names aim to capture the essence of history while being engaging and memorable for your audience, while also considering search optimization and uniqueness.

True Crime Podcast Name Ideas

  1. “Crime Chronicles”
  2. “Dark Deeds Diaries”
  3. “Mystery Memoirs”
  4. “Sinister Stories Unveiled”
  5. “Twisted Tales”
  6. “Criminal Chronicles”
  7. “True Crime Tales”
  8. “Murder Mysteries Unraveled”
  9. “The Dark Side Diaries”
  10. “Sinister Sagas”
  11. “Crimes Exposed”
  12. “The Murder Map”
  13. “Infamous Incidents”
  14. “Deadly Dispatches”
  15. “Cold Case Chronicles”
  16. “True Crime Trail”

These names are designed to resonate with true crime enthusiasts while also considering search optimization and uniqueness.

Mental Health Podcast Name Ideas

  1. “Mind Matters Memoirs”
  2. “Emotion Exploration”
  3. “Wellness Whispers”
  4. “Mental Musings”
  5. “Soulful Self-Care”
  6. “Healing Haven”
  7. “Mindful Moments”
  8. “Embrace Empathy”
  9. “Inner Insights Inc.”
  10. “Mood Matters Musings”
  11. “Mindful Meanderings”
  12. “Heartfelt Healing”
  13. “Emotional Equilibrium”
  14. “Serenity Speaks”
  15. “Psyche Synthesis”
  16. “Thrive Talks”

These names aim to resonate with those interested in mental health and well-being while also being engaging and memorable, considering search optimization and uniqueness.

Sports Podcast Name Ideas

  1. “Sports Spotlight”
  2. “Game Time Gazette”
  3. “Athletic Avenue”
  4. “Sporting Spectacles”
  5. “Victory Vibes”
  6. “Field Frenzy”
  7. “Scoreboard Stories”
  8. “Athlete’s Alley”
  9. “Goal Getter’s Guide”
  10. “Sporting Shenanigans”
  11. “Net Navigators”
  12. “Court Chronicles”
  13. “Sports Sphere”
  14. “Fitness Flair”
  15. “The Sporting Scene”
  16. “Turf Talk”

These names are designed to resonate with sports enthusiasts while also considering search optimization and uniqueness.

Medical Podcast Name Ideas

  1. “Health Hub”
  2. “Medicine Matters”
  3. “Wellness Wave”
  4. “Doctor Dialogue”
  5. “Medi Musings”
  6. “Healthy Horizons”
  7. “Healing Haven”
  8. “MedTalks”
  9. “Vitality Voyage”
  10. “Healthcare Chronicles”
  11. “Rx Rendezvous”
  12. “Wellbeing Waves”
  13. “MedMindset”
  14. “Wellness Whispers”
  15. “Medical Memoirs”
  16. “Healthy Insights”

These names aim to resonate with those interested in medical topics while also being engaging and memorable, considering search optimization and uniqueness.

Frequently Asked Questions

What should I name my podcast?

Choosing a name for your podcast is tricky but if you keep it simple, keep your audience in mind, keep it relevant to your niche, optimize it for search using keyword tools, you can also jazz it up with puns and wordplay, infuse your personality, and finally check if it is unique.

What is a podcast title?

A podcast title is the name of your podcast that appears wherever your podcast is distributed, it acts like the identity of your podcast.

Does my podcast name have to be unique?

It doesn’t have to be unique, podcast players will not penalize you for having identical names, but it is best that you have a unique name to avoid confusion.

How do I know if a podcast name is taken?

You can search on major podcasting platforms like Spotify, Apple Music, and Google Podcasts. You can also check on Podcast Index, its a directory of many podcasts.

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