Podcast as a Marketing Tool for Your Brand

Running from one platform to another, trying to promote your product in the best light and then monitoring which platform and which strategy worked best – Brand marketing can be tricky sometimes. That’s why your business needs a podcast.

Podcasts have huge potential in terms of helping you personalize your brand. They are easy to create and connect you with your customers, at a deeper level. Brands like Suta have turned to podcasting as a marketing tool. Their podcast Musings with Suta has given them some remarkable results. Besides, it’s always good to keep up with the trends. Here are some reasons why your business needs a podcast as a marketing tool:

Brand Authority

For any brand to do well in the market, it has to have the consumer’s trust and establish itself as a leader. For that brand authority needs to be created. Various factors such as curating robust content, an active online presence and good engagement can influence your brand authority. Promoting your brand on social media alone won’t be enough. Through podcasts, you can achieve all of that and more.

The question is how will you establish yourself as the leader? You can do so by inviting guests from or out of your industry and explore different topics relevant to your customers. Podcasts allow you to reach a whole new subset of customers who like to connect with brands through audio content.

Once you have established yourself as a trustworthy source, you can increase conversions for your business. People will engage with you, and your brand and suggest it to others which will lead to more potential customers.

Loyal Audience

Brand authority automatically results in loyal listeners. According to Podcast Insights’ statistics, 80% of listeners listen to all or most of each podcast episode.

Since the medium is inherently intimate, it creates a sense of familiarity between the host and the listener. Consumers can listen to your podcast anytime, anywhere. They can enjoy the exclusive details and insights about the product. This helps them understand the product and company’s vision better. With each episode, the audience strikes a deeper connect with you and your brand. Once you have this pool of devoted listeners, they will support you in all your future ventures.

Through podcasts, they can form a more meaningful connection with your brand which in turn greatly benefits your business.

Simple Podcast Production

One major reason to have a podcast for your brand is the ease of production and consumption. On Hubhopper Studio you can record your episode on your phone or laptop, edit it with the studio’s easy-to-use in-built tools and distribute it to various listening avenues. Whereas, on social media platforms you’ll have to follow specific brand guidelines to match its personality and even then you can share only limited information. With podcasts, all you have to focus on is creating engaging content.

Unlike YouTube, where you have to arrange equipment like camera and mic, creating podcasts is pocket-friendly. You also don’t have to worry about the location or what you are wearing as podcasts can be created from the comfort of your home.

It’s a ‘too good to be true’ scenario but you know it’s legit. You are saving time and money. You are creating good content and enhancing your brand image. You are doing the bare minimum considering how much you have to work to create content on other channels that have a visual aspect.

Wide Reach Through Multiple Platforms

When you create content for your brand, you have to modify and share it according to different social media platforms. However, when you make podcasts, your hosting platform distributes your content to multiple listening channels. Consumers can find your podcast on major platforms such as Spotify, Wynk Music, Gaana, Paytm and more. You don’t have to do the manual work as it’s done automatically for you.

With distribution to multiple platforms, different sets of users can interact with your business. When you share your content on a specific platform, your brand reaches the audience of that platform only. But with podcasts you are getting wider reach. Both your existing audience plus the audience that consumes your podcast across various platforms is able to connect with your business.

Podcasts are highly lucrative. They work for every subject and industry, there are people looking for content related to your niche. That’s a pool of audience that can turn into consumers.

Now that you know why your business needs a podcast, make your own with Hubhopper Studio.

Happy Podcasting!

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