SAAZISH – The Forbidden Conspiracy

There’s a fine line between right and wrong, and it doesn’t take long for it to blur. What happens when the law itself ends up behind bars? Meet Inspector Jhanvi Jamwal, a cop locked up with the very criminals she used to put behind bars. Sounds like a plot of a Bollywood movie, right? That’s exactly what Manisha Pathak, a struggling director, is looking for.

Manisha can barely keep her career afloat, with her movies flopping one after the other. In a desperate attempt to up her game, she visits Jhanvi Jamwal, the infamous inspector behind bars for killing her partner.

Will Manisha get the blockbuster movie she’s looking for? Will Jhanvi share her story with Manisha, knowing that the world will soon know her truth? To find out, tune into Saazish – a forbidden conspiracy.

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