Hubhopper Studio Podcast Awards 2021

This International Podcast Day, we celebrated the ‘power of podcasts’ with the Hubhopper Studio Podcast Awards 2021. After weeks of bustling excitement and enthusiasm, the winners were announced on D-day. There’s no community without its people and the same goes for the Indian podcasting community. We value the hard work put in by all our creators, especially in the last two pandemic years when creating content was the hardest.

In total, there were 8 award categories for this year’s award. We received over 200 submissions, out of which 24 podcasts made it to the finals, where the jury reviewed the podcasts and selected a winner for each award category.   

Every creator deserves to feel recognized, appreciated and encouraged. To make that happen, we created the Hubhopper Studio Podcast Awards 2021. The awards were a celebration of the creativity and endeavor of all our podcaSTARS! 

The winners were not only recognized as one of the top podcasters of 2021, but they also got featured on the Hindustan Times newspaper, got promotion across Hubhopper web, Hubhopper app as well as across our PR and social media channels. Here’s the list of the jury and the creators who bagged the winner titles in their respective categories. 

Jury Members

We had a fantastic jury, all eminent names of the Indian podcast community, to weigh the finalists and choose the best in each category. Here are all the judges who made the Hubhopper Studio Podcast Awards so much better:

Bijay Gautam, Co-founder of WYN Studio


Bijay Gautam is the Co-founder of WYN Studio (What’s Your Narrative?), a creative content studio specializing in audio storytelling and podcasts. He hosts one of the chart-topping podcasts in India – The Inspiring Talk reaching over a million people. His podcast has gained wider accolades from his listeners and media and was a finalist for Asia’s Best Podcast Award. Bijay, as a leading podcast coach, consultant and public speaker, has helped executives and entrepreneurs build their authority and thought-leadership using the power of audio.

Ishani Dasgupta, JioSaavn


Ishani Dasgupta has been an integral part of the Podcast team at JioSaavn. She has been elemental in the development and launch of the brand’s award-winning properties – Kahaani Express and No Filter Neha, in addition to many more. She has also worked with the product team at JioSaavn to create a direct listing platform for content creators called YourCast.

Kedar Nimkar, Host of Audiogyan Podcast


Kedar Nimkar started Audiogyan Podcast 5 years ago. He hosts, curates and produces the podcast show and documents and shares the principles of designers and artists that can be helpful for the future generation and fellow designers. A product designer searching for signals in this noisy world. For the past 15 years, he has been building digital products; Cleartrip, BookMyShow, and now VP of design at Jupiter money. 

Aditya Kuber, Co-founder of Ideabrew Studios


Aditya is the co-founder of Ideabrew Studios, one of India’s leading podcast businesses. The company manages nearly 100 podcasts across genres, languages and works with over 60 creators. Ideabrew is one of the few dedicated audio business companies that actively monetize podcasts and works with a wide range of brands and platforms to offer bespoke content solutions. A media professional with over 20 years of experience, Aditya has been a part of BookMyShow as an AVP of Content & Strategy and Audioboom as the Head of India Operations. 


Hubhopper Studio Podcast Awards 2021 Winners

There were 8 categories under which podcasters could nominate their show. The top 3 podcasts with the highest votes under each category were shortlisted for the final round. Judges carefully reviewed all the finalists in the final round and picked a winner from each category. Here’s the list of all the winners under all 8 categories.

1. Best Comedy Podcast 2021 – After Hours Malayalis


Comedy is one of the most popular podcast categories and thus faces growing competition. This is for podcast shows that aren’t just funny but have finely crafted the art of comedy. After Hours Malayalis podcast bagged the winner title for this category, a show that left its audience and the jury holding onto their bellies!

2. Best Storytelling Podcast – The Horror Show


A category for podcasts that incorporate drama, readings, and compelling formats for storytelling. The Horror Show  podcast, for its excellent sound design and storytelling, won under this category. 

3. Best Health & Fitness Podcast – Running & Fitness With Raj


A category of podcasts that deserves recognition today more than ever. Health and fitness-centered podcasts have helped many in overcoming the pandemic stress and health issues. Running and Fitness with Raj proved to be the best podcast under this category. Kudos to the host for impacting so many lives through audio.

4. Best Self-love & Motivational Podcast – Dil Ki Baat Podcast


The journey of loving yourself is a tough and important one. The category applauded the podcasts that showcased self-love and improvement and promoted positive mental health. Dil Ki Baat Podcast won the award for this category

5. Best Business & Entrepreneurship Podcast – The Social Desi Show


The Social Desi Show won the Best Business & Entrepreneurship podcast award. The category was dedicated to picking the best podcast that inspired people by showcasing stories and examples of great leadership.

6. Best Education Podcast – Multipurpose With Lakshit


Multipurpose With Lakshit won the Best Educational Podcast award. The category was dedicated to podcast shows that have educated listeners on any cause and spread awareness among them. 

7. Best News & Politics Podcast – All Indians Matter and Namastey India


News and politics have been one of the most popular podcast categories for the last few years. People have been looking for correct information and diverse viewpoints on current affairs and trends – separate from mainstream media. Two podcasts , All Indians Matter and Namastey India, won the Best News & Politics Podcast award.

8. Best Regional Language Podcast – Wominspiria


India is a diverse country that speaks more languages than any other country. We value the essence of regional languages and content. The Best Regional Language Podcast category celebrates all these languages. Wominspiria podcast show bagged the award under this category. 


International Podcast Day

International Podcast Day dedicates 30th September to celebrate the power of podcasts around the globe. Creators use this as an opportunity to connect with fellow podcasters, podcast listeners, podcast enthusiasts and leaders in the industry. The Indian podcast community has grown by folds in the last couple of years. Hubhopper has been facilitating this growth by empowering podcast creators to use the audio medium to make an impact. 

Audio, especially podcasts, has brought about monumental changes in various cultures and ethnicities. Creators value the medium as it offers them a platform free of injustice and inequality and allows them to express their opinions candidly. As a part of the Indian podcasting community, we hope that this celebration goes on year after year and continues powering voices worldwide.

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