Podcast Dynamic Ad Insertion Quick Guide

The podcast ad industry has grown exponentially, with new game-changing technologies surfacing now and then. While the traditional host-read ads have been the standard so far, recent ad tech like Dynamic Ad Insertion (DAI) or programmatic advertising has become the new trend. But what really is this trend, and how can you use it effectively […]

Guide to Private Podcasts: what, why & how to create one

Even though premium podcast content has been there in the space for a while, the recent support of paid subscriptions by Spotify and Apple Podcasts has really pushed the paid content, especially in the form of private podcasting.  You might be wondering why anyone would put their content behind a paywall where it’ll only reach […]

What is a podcast RSS feed & how to create one

Have you ever wondered how an audio uploaded on the internet can take the shape of a podcast? How that podcast can be distributed to any streaming platform. And how it can be heard around the world by millions. Well, today, we are quenching your curiosity once and for all. The credit for all this […]

A mini guide to how to edit your podcast

If you’re a beginner, editing a podcast can seem complicated. You are new to the space and terms like EQ and compression might scare you a bit. But if you take the time to understand the terminology and techniques, then podcast editing is just like editing a blog or an article.  When we edit any […]

Hubhopper Studio Podcast Awards 2021

This International Podcast Day, we celebrated the ‘power of podcasts’ with the Hubhopper Studio Podcast Awards 2021. After weeks of bustling excitement and enthusiasm, the winners were announced on D-day. There’s no community without its people and the same goes for the Indian podcasting community. We value the hard work put in by all our […]

Debunking Top 7 Podcasting Myths – Hubhopper

We have heard many myths since childhood. Often, they are just what they are called – myths. Every art and creative form has similar myths that spread through word of mouth and they rarely carry any truth. The podcasting industry is no different.  Today we are here to debunk such top 7 overrated podcasting myths […]