Three Top Indian Podcasts That You Should Hear Right Away

It’s no secret that there are countless entertainment resources in India. For instance, you can watch movies, comedy shows, or your favorite actor’s interview on a YouTube channel. But the issue is that all of these require your eyes to be on the screen, not elsewhere. Due to this reason, you can’t do secondary work while viewing the content you like. But the moment you switch to top Indian podcasts, you can keep listening to informative material while doing your regular chores such as cleaning your study table, making your bed, or sometimes studying.

There are scores of top Indian podcasts available on the leading podcasting platform, allowing you to get immersed in fantastic and gripping tales that you have never heard before. Listening to such stories without interruption can boost your interest in the events happening across India, and you will become more curious about what happened next. As per the latest report by one of the giant accounting firms in the UK, India is the third-largest market for podcast listeners globally. Almost 57.6 million people listen to podcasts every month in India. So, if you want to be part of that crowd, we can provide you with some mind-blowing podcasting options. Let’s see:


Three best Indian podcasts that compel you to lend your ears to them


1. I Hear You

“I Hear You” is so far the optimal thriller podcast that narrates the story of an ace detective Priyamvada Parmar at Delhi Special Bureau. While she is living a routine life like many of us, she gets into a brutal car accident out of the blue. After that incident, her life changes completely, and she develops the ability to hear some supernatural noises that no one else can.

Though she lost her husband in that crash, the power she gains from hearing unusual noises helps her solve various crimes in unique ways. This podcast is narrated by Aahana Kumra and is produced by MnM Talkies, in which the leading character also comes across some hidden truths of her life and heinous crimes.

2. What’s a Man? Masculinity in India

The host of “What’s a Man? Masculinity in India” is Deepa Narayan, an excellent writer and researcher. In this podcast, she discusses what it means to be a man in the current scenario. While listening to this media file, you will sift through topics like power and love in men’s lives at different stages, such as schools, homes, and offices.

This 10-episode podcast series features special guests in each episode and gives you deeper insights into what it means to be a boy or man in India today. Additionally, you will also get to know the responses of a few of the 200 educated middle and upper-class boys ranging from the age of seven years to adults. The story gets more engaging when you come across the people in LGBTQIA (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Queer, Intersex, Asexual) spectrum in some of the major cities of India like Delhi, Mumbai, and the rest.

3. Darr Ka Razz with Dr Phobia

The “Darr Ka Raaz with Dr Phobia” is another perfect addition to the online storytelling space, with Rajesh Khera playing the role of Dr Grewal in the tale. In this digital media file, you will learn how the main character in the story, a psychotherapist, treats patients through hypnosis and past life regression therapy.

This psychological horror podcast comprises 26 episodes, with two episodes getting released every week. Once you have played this file, you will find the narrator talking about phobias and uncovering hidden secrets of the patients through uncommon treatment methods.



We hope you now know about some of the attention-grabbing podcasts in this piece of content. So, if you want to hear any or more of them, please head to Hubhopper, one of the finest podcasting platforms in India.

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