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Make Your Instagram TV / IGTV Into a Podcast

Did you know that you can use Instagram features to create audio-based content for your podcast? Instagram is a great platform when it comes to creating and sharing content. The platform allows you to reach people from all over the world and connect with them through diverse content. With Instagram, you can create audio content simply by repurposing your IGTVs and it’s super easy too!

This is not about creating a fresh channel and brand altogether, but simply expanding your current brand into audio with podcasts. Why miss out on the opportunity to capture audio first demand users? Expand your brand audience pool and add immense value to your content with this expansion.

Why Podcast

Low Data Consumption

Video content data consumption is very high as compared to audio content data consumption. Why let your audience constantly waste gigabytes of data on video format while they can listen to you with minimal data consumption via your podcast channel.

Larger Audience Pool

Podcast is platform-agnostic, and by this we mean that it is available across multiple platforms & devices. You have access to a larger pool of subscribers from different platforms and devices, and not limited to just one space. That too all this access for free!

Your podcast can be made available on platforms like Google podcasts, Spotify, Apple Podcasts, Gaana, Jio Saavn, Wynk Music, and Hungama to name a few. People can also listen to podcasts on smart speakers, OEM devices, smart cars, and smart TVs.

Passive Content Consumption

While the rest of the world is fighting for that 2-3 hours of screen time of their users, podcast is a medium that fits in perfectly within everyone’s routine and can be consumed passively. You can lock your phone screen cause you don’t need to look at it to listen to podcasts. People listen to podcasts while running, cooking, driving, commuting, imagine the opportunity you are missing if you let these hours of potential content consumption go!

How to Make My IGTV Into a Podcast?

Expanding your Instagram TV / IGTV into a podcast is really simple and can be done in a few steps without having to create any new content. You can simply repurpose your existing IGTV video content to start off with. You can also download it directly from your channel with this tool.

First, you will need a podcast hosting platform to start creating your podcast channel. You can use Hubhopper studio, a free podcast hosting and distribution platform.

  • Sign up & create an account on Hubhopper studio.
  • Add your Instagram page details to your Podcast channel details.
  • Upload your episode (MP4 format is accepted, but we recommend MP3).
  • Publish podcast live.

If your video file size is above 200MB, simply upload it onto the Hubhopper studio editor and convert it into MP3 with a click of a button.

Frequently Asked Questions

What about my Instagram page?

Once you have access to both the video and audio medium, you can facilitate the growth of your brand exponentially. Podcast is just another medium like video that will get people to consume and subscribe to your brand. Use each medium to facilitate the growth of both your Instagram page and podcast channel, cause at the end, your brand growth is what matters.

Does this mean more work and responsibilities?

Not necessarily. You can simply repurpose your IGTV video by uploading them onto your podcast channel. You can upload MP4 formats onto Hubhopper studio. If your video file size is above 200MB, simply upload it onto the Hubhopper studio editor and convert it into MP3.

Do we get Ad revenue with podcasts?

The podcast space is still at the nascent stage and currently, there is no direct ad revenue. Same goes for Instagram. However, that does not mean other podcasters are not making big bucks out of their podcast channel. Just like how Instagram influencers leverage their content and followers to get sponsors for their Instagram page brand, podcasts are no different.

With your now two audience pools, video and audio content consumers, you can add immense value to your brand while pitching potential sponsors. Twice the reach & twice the conversion and bigger the bucks!

Conclusion: Podcast is the next Big Thing!

Podcast as a medium for content consumption has been growing big and rapidly in the past few years. Every audio streaming platform has podcasts available in their directory and this trend does not look to stop. Being an early adopter of this medium has a lot of benefits. Think of the early adopters of Instagram, where they were and where they are now.

Give it a try and see how your current followers feel about having the option to simply listen to your channel. There is only upwards after launching your podcast channel. Happy podcasting!

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