From Sobriety To Recovery: An Addiction Recovery Podcast

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Sobriety, Recovery, Addiction Recovery, what's the difference? Deciding to get sober is not the same as being in recovery. Join me as I share my journey through addiction recovery and that of other's through conversations, life coaching and most importantly, support.

New Year: New You or Same You?

Ep #147 - The New Year is upon us. I've been talking about this since December 1st and it is here. We have reached the half way point of our baton pas...
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Patience and Impulse Control

Ep #146 - Patience is not the act of waiting, it is the attitude you have while you are waiting. As addicts we lacked patience in many aspects of our ...
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Internalize your goals

Ep #144 - You internalize your goals by attaching them to something meaningful within yourself. If you attach your goals to external validation, from ...
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The Masks We Wear

Ep #141 - Hiding our true selves from ourselves or our loved ones serves to conceal what we are truly thinking, feeling, and experiencing from ourselv...
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Awareness of my blind spots

Ep #139 - A meandering journey into my mind over the last month. First time listeners to the show are gonna want to go back and check out other episod...
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