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7 Podcasts That Will Tell You Everything About Business-Management

We live in a world where technology is ruling the world. Newer innovations are constantly disrupting the status quo, and often making life simpler for consumers, while paving novel ways for enterprises to seek out and provide value to their respective customers. It is therefore quite necessary for one to stay abreast of these findings and ensure that one stays relevant in this constantly evolving environment. One of the best ways is to that is to switch to podcasts. Here are seven top business management podcasts that comprehensively cover the strategic business landscape as well as current goings-on in this rapidly changing arena. These podcasts and audio shows will not only help you further your career and make it successful but will also be extremely insightful in understanding people, strategies and how to better make use of technology in this competitive world.

1. The McKinsey Podcast

The McKinsey Podcast

McKinsey & Company is a management-consulting firm that helps different business firms, governments and not-for-profit organizations to realize the importance of their goals and aid them with their services. The McKinsey Podcast, their flagship podcast series includes conversations with industry experts, global leaders, CEO’s, authors and many more. Covering a wide host of topics ranging from strategy, marketing, operations and technology to organization, leadership and the role of business in society. The conversations are also quite deep, without the use of jargon that might throw a layperson off. Listen to all Episodes Now

2. The Strategy Skills Podcast: Management Consulting | Strategy, Operations & Implementation | Critical Thinking

The Strategy Skill Podcast

The speciality about this podcast is that it gives a true picture of the actual job of a management consultant as per insider perception. This podcast has over 80 episodes and it helps listeners in their operations and implementation skills. It also aids them in enhancing their critical thinking ability and in building their executive presence. For someone who is looking towards knowledge enhancement in consulting domain especially with respect to strategy and operations, this podcast will be best for them. Listen to the full podcast

3. HBR IdeaCast

HBR Ideacast Podcast

With 600+ episodes, HBR Idea Cast provides insights specifically on the research domain of business management. It includes the interviews with influential leaders and the content is presented in concise digestible formats. The best part is that it has minimal commercial interruptions. It is a tremendous asset for entrepreneurs and followers of business and management theory and its practical scalable aspects. Listen Now

4. The Project Management Podcast

The Project Management Podcast

Project management is one of the key factors to success in any field of work. It is important for every individual or an organisation that deals with many tasks and projects on a regular basis. If your job is related to project management in any way or your career may be headed in that direction, this is one of the best podcasts you should choose for as it shows an insider perspective of being an actual project manager and helps the audience to understand manager roles and responsibilities. Click and Listen to Latest Episode Now

5. Manager Tools podcast

Manager Tools Podcast

With over 500 episodes, the Manager Tools podcast outlines specific actions and behaviours to make you an effective manager with respect to core areas in management operations. It provides an easy guide to cultivate relationships, increase performance, create an environment for effective communication, achieve results, and develop the next wave of good managers. The podcast explores in a jovial tone, the specifics of actions that make a person an effective manager. From tough questions like answering to “How do I get promoted?” to how to write effective e-mails, the Manager Tools podcast covers it all! Listen to Manager Tools Podcast Now

6. Podcast From IIMA

podcast from IIMA

Established in 1961, the Indian Institute of Management, Ahmedabad (IIMA) is recognized globally for excellence in management education. Taking this forward, Faculty of IIMA shares their views, ideas, opinions, thoughts related to management insights. This show not only helped me understand management theories but also helps me train myself in analysing matters from the unseen perspectives. Click & Listen Now

7. Outliers

outliers podcast

Some of the world’s greatest innovators, entrepreneurs, and business researchers share stories and insights about their journey through hope and disillusionment, failures and pitfalls, joy and success, pain and bliss. I remember in one of the episodes Ravish Kumar (Senior executive editor at NDTV India) explains that Journalism’s biggest existential battle isn’t about fighting the business model disruption or the way new consumers of news are behaving. It’s the war against intense polarisation and biases plaguing the newsrooms. One may find that few episodes are not directly related to business management but worth listening to the motivating stories of influencers. Listen to Outliers Podcast Now

These podcasts should become your daily dose of business and soon you’d have enough tools in your arsenal to run a smart and efficient business. Who knows, you could be an invite to one of these podcasts yourself!

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