Create Engaging Podcast Show Notes: A Guide with Examples

Think of your podcast as a piece of art that needs some extra sparkle. Without show notes, it’s like a painting with no caption. Sure, it’s beautiful, but what does it mean? That’s where show notes come in to save the day.

Whether you’re an aspiring podcaster or a savvy one, you’ll benefit from understanding what podcast show notes are, why they matter, and how to craft them. Show notes help you summarize your podcast and tell people what your podcast is about, which will help in bringing in more listeners as the target audience will know that this is exactly what they’re looking for!

In this article, we are going to share all our knowledge on creating the best show notes for your podcast—from what show notes are to their importance and benefits to how you can craft them with some examples and best practices for writing great podcast show notes. So sit back and enjoy the ride!

What Are Podcast Show Notes?

Whenever you listen to a podcast, do you ever find yourself scrolling through the show notes? If so, then you’ve interacted with podcast show notes! Podcast show notes are essentially just a brief description and summary of each episode.

The main purpose of podcast show notes is to give your listeners more information about that episode, such as topics discussed and/or guests featured. Having this info available will make it easier for your audience to find the content that interests them most and also helps with search engine optimization—which can help drive more organic traffic to your podcast.

Podcast show notes can also be used as a reference for people who have already listened to an episode, giving them an opportunity to look back at particular topics for further exploration and discussion. Additionally, this helps give context to those who might be interested in accessing snippets or highlights from specific episodes of your podcast.

Why Are Show Notes for Podcasts Important?

For those new to the world of podcasting, show notes may seem like a minor detail. In reality, they’re integral and incredibly important for any podcasting program.

When done correctly, good show notes can help to improve the podcasting experience for both you and your listeners. Here are some key benefits of taking the time to craft effective show notes:

Increase engagement & attract new audiences 

Show notes provide an opportunity for you to share more about the episode and give your listeners a better understanding of the topics covered in each episode. This helps to increase listener engagement and can also attract prospective audiences who stumble across your podcast from external websites.

Boost search engine visibility 

Show notes also help you improve your SEO rankings when someone searches for podcasts related to your topic. Any keywords or phrases in the show notes will make it easier for people to find your content in search engine results.

Enhance accessibility 

Not everyone listens at the same speed, so having comprehensive show notes makes it easier to clarify which topics were covered in each episode, as well as gives listeners a clear reference point when they want to quickly find a certain section in an episode.

Using show notes is one tactic you can use to encourage potential sponsors by giving them space on your website or podcast platform where they can link back their products or services (or promote their own content). This in turn can lead to better monetization opportunities for podcasters.

How to Create Engaging Podcast Show Notes

Put simply, podcast show notes are the extra content your listeners see when they click on a new episode. Here’s how to craft engaging ones.

Know Your Audience

The first thing you should consider when creating podcast show notes is your audience. Who do you want to target? Knowing who you’re targeting will help you tailor your content and make sure it’s engaging and of value.

Include Keywords & SEO Optimization

Make sure to include relevant keywords in the title of the show notes, as well as any subheadings or tags. These will help rank your podcast landing page both on search engines and podcast listening platforms. Additionally, try to use English alphabets in your show notes since most of the listening platforms do not support other languages, so this will ensure that your podcast doesn’t get lost amongst others.

Think Outside The Box

While podcast show notes don’t have to be lengthy, keeping them interesting helps retain listeners and boost engagement with your podcast. Try adding fun anecdotes, resources such as books or articles, quotes from the episode itself, photos or videos that relate to the topic at hand – anything that goes beyond just summarizing the episode can help engage readers/listeners more yet prove valuable too.

Examples of Engaging Podcast Show Notes

When it comes to crafting show notes that people want to read, you’ve got to make them catchy and engaging. After all, those are the notes that are going to get people talking and sharing your podcast. To give you an idea of what this looks like, take a look at these examples:

Example 1

Episode Title: ‘Where Wonder Walks – An Exploration of Poetic Writing Styles’

Show Notes: Join us as we explore the wondrous world of poetry writing! In this episode, we’ll be discussing different writers’ styles and techniques—including examples from renowned poets such as Alfred Tennyson, Walt Whitman, and E.E. Cummings—all of which can help you become a better writer yourself. Our host will also give examples from her own work so you can see exactly how it’s done in action.

Example 2

Episode Title: ‘Now You See It – The Art of Illusion’

Show Notes: Are you ready for an amazing journey into the fascinating world of illusion? In this episode, our host will take us deep into the craft of illusionism, as well as reveal some classic tricks that have been used for centuries by magicians around the world. Plus, learn all about recent discoveries in the field and how modern technology is being used to create astonishing illusions.

Tips & Best Practices for Writing Podcast Show Notes

You’ve created great content, now it’s time to top it off with the perfect show notes. While they may seem like an afterthought – it’s worth investing the time in crafting great show notes to accompany your podcast episode. Here are some tips and best practices that will help you craft the best show notes:

Summarize Your Episode

Give your listeners a brief overview of your episode, including a summary of what was discussed and any links that were mentioned.

Include a Call to Action

Encourage users to interact with your podcast. Ask them to leave reviews, share the episode, or direct them to an external landing page for more information.

Cite Your Sources

Allow readers to click through on links you have in your show notes so they can explore any topics that have been discussed in greater depth.

Utilize Keywords

Take advantage of SEO by including keywords relevant to your topic so listeners can find your content easier using search engines.

Keep It Short & Sweet

Keep the length of your show notes relatively short and succinct so readers don’t forget why they’re there. Too much text can be overwhelming and cause people to not even finish reading them!


In conclusion, podcast show notes are an integral part of any podcast as they tell listeners what to expect and make it easier for them to find the episodes they like. Whether you’re just getting started or already have a show on the air, it’s essential to create show notes to draw in new listeners and make sure your existing listeners come back week after week.

So now that you know the importance of podcast show notes, what are you waiting for? It’s time to grab a mic, hit record and start crafting those perfect show notes to make your podcast stand out from the rest!

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