Stories have a very important place in our lives. Everything around us has shaped our minds through stories, be it science, geographical facts, long lost history, maths, or literature.
We live for stories of past and future. Why do we talk about being a 90’s kid was so fortunate because we all experienced the enjoyment before the technology took over. Earlier the only source of stories was either our grandparents or books which was much intriguing than today’s electronic videogames and gadgets. We all were good listeners back then but now our attention span is also becoming lesser day by day.

We don’t want our children to watch random youtube videos and sleep while watching it. Listening is very necessary for them as it molds their minds into a disciplined one. Here, wHubhopper brings a brand new podcast in collaboration with Juggernaut Books to create first-ever celebrity podcasts for children, STORY TIME WITH SOHA ALI KHAN. This podcast makes your storytelling task easier for you and there are many more episodes on the way.

The eight-episode podcast was released last week on Hubhopper and its partner platforms, with Soha reading out a new children’s story every Friday from different publications including Harper Collins India, Pratham Publications, Rupa Publications, Scholastic Books and a few more, with diverse titles. So, you can have a variety on the tips of your hand. Tune in today and pass on the nostalgia to your kids.

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