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This is my first podcast, please have fun listening and give feedback :)

Episode 20

Hello, this is Wanda Carson calling for James Yamaguchi. James, I'm a reporter at the Local Business Journal, and I was referred to you by Kareen Chri...
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Episode 19

Our communications center brings you many benefits while you stay in our hotel. It is located on the third floor and can be accessed twenty-four hours...
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Episode 18

I have been working at the zoo for over twenty years now. Every day, I have to feed the elephants and make sure that they have enough water. On my bre...
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Episode 17

Feeling run down? Low on energy? Like you'll never make it through the day? Then it's time for you to Rev Up. One package of Rev Up contains enough vi...
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Episode 16

Monday will be warm in most areas, with some rain in the north of the country. Temperatures will reach up to 25 degrees in the south and around 20 deg...
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Episode 15

It is a pleasure to introduce to you, Paula Adams. Ms. Adams is from England, but has been working in Cuba for the past six months as a reporter for T...
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Episode 14

Many people have great ideas, yet they have much difficulty in getting their own businesses off the ground. If you are the entrepreneurial type and ar...
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Episode 13

My brother John just became a soccer referee. He will referee for the first time next month. He has been playing soccer for about three years, and he ...
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Episode 12

My exams today were so difficult. I had three exams. In the morning, I had a French exam. French is really difficult for me, especially French spellin...
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Episode 11

Ladies and gentlemen, can I have your attention please. We regret to inform you that a thunderstorm in Chicago has delayed several flights. Bluebird A...
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