nutrition podcasts

Best Nutrition Podcasts That Will Keep You Healthy

In this polluted climate and busy schedule of working hours, we all have more chances to get unhealthy food or diet which can be a reason to suffer from diseases and unhealthy life. Here we have collected some best nutrition podcasts that will surely help you to get balanced and healthy food & diet. You […]

travel podcasts

Top 5 Travel Podcasts You Must Listen to Now

Travel podcast is the best source where you can listen to about your favourite places where you want to go to. We will really help you out with improving your knowledge about your dream destination. Here we will discuss top 5 podcasts where you will be listening to the interviews or experience of those who […]

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Best News Podcasts in 2019 to Keep You Updated

News is an important medium to gain knowledge about what is happening in a city, country or the world. We have listed the best news podcasts in 2019 that will keep you updated: 1. BBC Minute India BBC Minute India is an amazing podcast! You can get major news in just 60 seconds. This podcast provides […]

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Top 10 Most Listened to Podcast in April 2019

Below are the top 10 most listened podcasts in India. These podcasts have the content that you would like to listen to. These podcasts are about storytelling, horror, paranormal, comedy and many more. Just click and listen now. 1. Paranormal Reality Paranormal Reality is the journey of a man who is extensively trying to uncover […]

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Top 9 Podcasts That Can Make You Fit and Healthy

1. The Mission Daily The Mission Daily is a podcast dedicated to accelerated learning and helping you become healthier, wealthier, and wiser. This podcast will give you the perfect boost to make an impact on your life today. The host has a really interesting point of view that makes you look more carefully at the […]

emotional podcasts

Best Emotional Podcasts that Will Make You Cry

Here are some best podcasts that will really make you emotional: 1.Nancy This podcast will make you laugh, cry, and be thoroughly intrigued as they dive into various topics. It has lots of episodes that will surely touch your heart and inspire you. The hosts are very down to earth, quick-witted and informative. The topics […]

crime podcasts

Top 8 True Crime Podcasts to Listen to in 2019

Here are the best true crime podcasts to listen to in 2019: 1.Dr. Death ‘Dr Death’ is a kind of podcast that will leave you speechless. It has a catastrophic tailspin into dark places. This is the perfect podcast for a person who loves a journalistic view and a creepy story with beautiful music. This […]

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Top 5 Real Paranormal Stories and Their Investigations

Ghosts, spirits, paranormal – these words have accompanied the existence of men since time unknown. The existence of paranormal elements have been felt by many, supported by many more but no one has been able to find enough evidence to prove it. Some have refuted the idea, some have criticised those who believe in the […]